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This is for you! Built by women for women.

Join a community of purpose driven, diverse women and their allies, who aim to have an open dialogue about the current issues women face. Nothing is off topic! We gather with women who want more from life — from their careers, to business, and relationships. We focus on encouraging others to live a life that is fully engaged and intentional. We spark conversation around the topics they are passionate about from building their business, to raising money, to giving to the causes they care about.

Our goal from every interaction is to not only have you walk away feeling celebrated and inspired, but empowered to think or do something differently in the way you live your life. Our phrase for 2019 is Dear Future Me, setting you on a path to celebrate who you are, to live with intention, and to look forward to the person you are becoming.  

We have space for you, and we can’t wait to meet you!

xx Team HER



Behind every successful woman are the individuals who uplift her. While women are resilient and can seemingly do it all on their own, HER believes in community building and fostering connections with those around us. We believe that together we are stronger, bringing together a diverse group of women to learn and support one another.


As individuals, we are powerful, but together we are stronger. Collaboration is not about ego, it’s about working together with others to achieve a shared goal. HER encourages the growth by championing and encouraging cross collaboration of diverse individuals. We honour each other with collaboration instead of competition, and encourage all women to see the good in one another.


We believe that all women are equal. Our community is a diverse group of women including age, professional orientation, experience and background. Everyone is valued, celebrated, and honoured for being heroes in their own right. We value empathy, authenticity, collaboration, and believe that women will pave the way for other women.


At the center of every mission, is a key purpose, core values —we call it HEART. We believe that living a life full of purpose comes from giving our time, talent, and treasures to the world around us. We believe that giving back will heal the world, with a sole mission to mobilize women to lead the wave of change for, not only themselves, but for future generations to come.