HER Summit was born out of the idea of what it would be like to bring a diverse community of women & the allies who celebrate them, join together, collaborate, and hold space to share our laughter, tears, and fears about the real issues faced by women all over the world. Creating a wave of change for the future generations of leaders, dreamers & doers!


The first annual gathering of you, 500+ purpose driven, diverse women & their allies, who aim to have an open dialogue about the current issues women face (including taboo topics). Join us for a one-day summit of engaging sessions led by innovative female leaders, musical and artistic installations, & networking opportunities to collaborate and build genuine connections with other like-minded unique women, + plus so much more! On May 24, 2019, our goal is to not only have you walk away feeling celebrated and inspired, but empowered to think or do something differently in the way you live you life. Our theme for 2019 is Dear Future Me, setting you on the path to celebrate who you are, to live with intention, and to look forward to the person you are becoming.


This is an inclusive and safe space for all people, ages, cultures, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations.  It is our goal to create a safe forum where women, and the allies who support them, can come together to share their diverse perspectives and experiences and receive support from those who surround them. We have connected with bold and influential speakers from across North America who are ready to facilitate discussions around current and taboo issues women face today. We’ve taken the idea of your typical conference and remixed it, our goal is to build a community, foster collaboration, and bring together a future generation of diverse leaders, dreamers and achievers.


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