Investing in HERself


Dear Diary,

Entrepreneurship has been both rewarding and challenging.  There just aren’t enough hours in a day to mind my business, literally, drink enough water, be a good friend, exercise and slay life.  Some days, I’m a hot mess, who wants to wear leggings, stay in bed and watch Netflix. All. Day. Long.

Insert, my mentor who provides me with a necessary kick in the ass that I need fairly often!  Mentorship has easily been the greatest key to my success as a BOSS (notice I don’t refer to myself as a “boss chick” or boss babe… simply BOSS).  There is something to be said about having quality people in your corner advising you of their own experiences to help you navigate unsuspecting pitfalls.  

Earlier today, I spent some time over lunch with a great mentor of mine who offered me some key advice which I’m going to share with you... “ALWAYS BET ON YOURSELF”! In life and in business, have the confidence to bet on YOU!  To be honest, at first, I didn’t really understand this concept, until I really sat back and thought about all that I have to offer and how time and time again my choice to invest in myself has lead to greater success.

If life has taught me anything, it's that there will be highs and corresponding lows.  A universal truth, though each journey will be unique and each person will be equipped to handle their respective challenges differently.  Take my journey for example, in the last few years, running multiple businesses on my own has not been easy. In fact, I analogize having two businesses to having infant twins… I’m trying to look after one while trying not to lose sight of the other!!  I had a whirlwind of success coming off my first year, only to plateau, and have a string of bad quarters recently. When I put this dilemma to one of my trusted mentors, I was reminded to shift my energy and focus on why I started, how far I came in my journey, and what I could do to push past my set back.  In each of those stages, I have learned to trust myself enough to devise and execute a plan that would help me achieve my goals. So, while it’s important to live life and enjoy the journey, it is equally important to develop a blueprint to guide you along your path. Brand building is unique because you can start with your vision and work backward.   One of the most profound things I’ve learned is that investing in yourself is it's like investing in stocks. There will be some risks, but each and every move you make should bring about the greatest, most fulfilling reward.

The first investment you can make in yourself is to stay committed and follow your passion.  The next is to create a blueprint for how you envision your life or success and start to work backward.  Each time you hit a milestone along your journey, it will remind you of the commitment that you’ve made to build your brand, business, and self.  Lastly, the best investment you can make in yourself is surrounding yourself with people who see and share your vision. Find those who you share synergies who will drop nuggets of wisdom as you move through your journey.

Hustle hard, and I’ll see you at the top!!


HERHer Diary