Becoming HER


February 4, 2019

Dear Diary, my journey to becoming a better me and finding my own voice.

We’re only in the second month of 2019 and I’ve gone through so many new and exciting changes. With each of these changes comes a challenge. So here’s what’s up... I started a new job and relationship all at the same time -- guys, I officially got a boyfriend yesterday! I’m trying to balance my desires and plans to become an entrepreneur with my meager, or let’s say “conservative”, funds and student loans!  I’m the anchor for my friends and family, constantly on the go, constantly meeting the needs of others, without much time for myself.

It isn’t always this hectic, I have moments where I can kick back and be the chakra balancing, high vibing, hug thuggin’, spiritual ass gangsta, who I’m meant to be! On those days, I like to woosah and head out to a guided meditation or channel my energies into writing. What is keeping me in balance is reading Michelle Obama’s autobiographical memoir, Becoming. She’s the epitome of all that I aspire to be.  But to get to that point of self realization, like many of us women, even this former First Lady struggled to find her voice. I know I’m far from the only woman who is presently trying to find out who I am as a professional, boss-chick, friend & daughter and all the other major roles we take on.  The biggest lesson I’m learning about my own journey into becoming the HER I would like to be is that it really doesn’t matter where you are in your life.  Now is the perfect time to rise up and challenge yourself to share your story because every journey is valuable and worth sharing. It’s all about finding those moments and spaces in your life, whether through inward reflection, or outward guidance & mobilizing with others, where we find the course to define our thoughts and share our truths.  Each week, I’ll be sharing HER truths as we explore some of the pressing topics where women struggle to share their voice.

Oh and who’s HER, you ask? Well HER is YOU, of course! You & and countless other incredible women who, through our diverse and shared experiences, can relate to one another on various levels.  Join me as we chronicle the life of HER as she celebrates HER victories, battles through HER struggles, shares HER dreams, and most importantly, rises to claim HER voice!