My commitment to you.

Dear future me,

I think of you often; admittedly in moments where I’m not sure we’d be friends. Normally you visit when things are challenging, decisions are difficult, and the pressure of perfection is muting me.

The irony in this of course is that you have never been perfect. Every attempt I’ve made at capturing your exact essence or projecting your path has been beautifully imprecise. The versions of you that I aspire to inevitably evolve alongside me and leave me in locations/stations/destinations I never could have predicted.  

Your potential is elusive, but more importantly infinite. Thank you for this gift. Being incomprehensible also makes you wildly motivating, constantly challenging, and unconditionally accepting. I know as I grow close to you that you will become transient and move forward to a new vision, but with that draw me forward. I’m grateful that each time I cease to know you I know a new evolution of myself. I know I have a new opportunity to grow toward and I know that I’m exactly where I need to be even if I never pictured it.

I’d like to still reflect on your light, but now share with you more than my darkness. Please accept this as my commitment to celebrate you, to honor you in my moments of triumph, to acknowledge you in my present bliss, and to know that you are drawing me forward into my next transformation.